If you are interested in the artworks shown on the website, we can send you information on availability, prices, and other details.


Feasibility study and budget without commitment

If you have an idea in which you would like to work with us, please let us know and we'll tell you about options, rates, etc.


Commissioned work for interior design, ad campaigns, editorial, etc.

We can make pieces to be used in the design field, either as physical artwork or digital image. Regardless of how large is your project, if we find it feasible and we commit to do it, we'll do our best to make it come to life.


Hi-re pictures of the works

For design work, we can send you either the artwork ready for photo shoot or the hi-re images and the piece already framed.


Art installation

We can arrange projects of artistic installations with leaves and other natural elements.


Live demo of the leaf cutting technique

If you are interested in hiring a live demonstration of the leaf cutting technique, you may contact us to assess our availability, options and rates.


We work anywhere in the world. You can e-mail us at info@duranprieto.art and we will answer you within a maximum of 2 working days.


About Us

Duran-Prieto Studio has been created by Lorenzo and Dayli. Both founders of this artistic studio wish to share creative ideas with their customers, and together make their projects come to life. The duo focuses its work on a combination of creativity, excellence and respect for the client, which results in a very valuable synergy for both parties.


Their work lays on the beauty and uniqueness of handmade things, but that is not all. In the middle of the digital era, where so many things begin and end on a screen, Duran-Prieto Studio proposes a countercurrent formula. They do their artworks in the old way and adapt them to the modern era, trying not to leave the fundamental role to technology, but to manual activity.

gallery/sobre nos

Uniting manual work with industrial and computer techniques, the artwork can be presented in the different supports demanded by the modern age, without missing the pro-natura philosophy of this studio. Their combination results in a mixture of the old with the new, in total consonance with the law of the negation of the negation, being careful not to commit the repeated mistake of radically substituting all the old for the new. So, here you will find a place where the good is kept, whether it is old or new.


Regardless of the jobs shown on the web, if you want to work with this studio, feel free to send them your query and to ask them for a no-obligation quote; both Lorenzo and Dayli will be happy to help you materialize your idea, your dream.