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The 2 creators of this Studio focus their work on handmade pieces with natural elements, reflecting their love and respect for the nature that has surrounded them since childhood. While still being children and living in different continents, both of them found in the countryside that escape valve that human beings usually look for in infinity of environments.


A decade ago Lorenzo developed a technique to cut tree leaves with a scalpel, which has caught the attention of countless private collectors and companies around the world. Meantime Dayli was captivated by the creative possibilities of such technique applied to a support that she liked so much, and she learned Lorenzo's technique. Now both work together in larger and more complex pieces that, in response to their clients’ requests, are suitable for more projects.


And more recently, Lorenzo has gone a step further in the hand cutting of a plant tissue. He has also managed to cut designs in the delicate and ephemeral flower petals.


But besides working with leaves and flowers, Lorenzo and Dayli work with other elements, which is why in this space their artwork is divided into the 3 following categories:

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